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Here you can find updates on my ongoing projects in the fields of AI, law, epistemology, and ethics. These are papers that I have the intent of having published. 

Artificial Intelligence and judicial gatekeeping: Socializing the epistemology of evidence (w/ John Symons)

This paper explores the potential implications and challenges deepfakes will pose for judges and the epistemic ecology of trial deliberations. We argue for a solution that involves  socializing the epistemology of evidence. 

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ML Assistance, Epistemic Virtues, and Judicial Decision-Making (w/ Syed Abumusab)

This paper explores the role of machine learning (ML) assistance in judicial decision-making and its impact on the epistemic virtues of judges. By analyzing the potential benefits and drawbacks of ML assistance, the paper argues that while ML can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of judicial decision-making, it may also undermine the epistemic virtues of judges, such as intellectual humility and open-mindedness. The paper concludes by suggesting ways to mitigate these risks and maximize the benefits of ML assistance in judicial decision-making.

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